Monday, April 13, 2009

Russian Journalism In The "Shadow Of Death"

I recently read a story ran by The Observer called “Journalism in the shadow of death and Putin.” The article centers on the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and how the journalists working there have dealt with the deaths of their comrades. This paper is the “last major publication consistently critical of Kremlin power,” and they continue to condemn the workings of their government even as their colleagues fall prey to attack.
In my opinion, what they do at Novaya Gazeta is very admirable. They face a realized danger in the form of lethal censorship from a fascist government, yet they trudge on. They’re brave men and women fighting for the spirit of journalism.
It’s unsettling this paper is the only major newspaper or mass medium striving for truth in the whole country, and I find it odd they’re allowed to continue operating. It is fortunate they have been able to function in such a situation, and I think it is amusing the paper is used by the government to both fight the charge of a lack of freedom of speech in Russia and for competing factions to gather info on each other.

“Journalism in the shadow of death and Putin”


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