Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures

You know what I’m excited for? Them. Crooked. Vultures. The band name isn’t actually spelled out with the periods. You see, I did that for emphasis. Do you know why I’m excited for Them Crooked Vultures?

Well, for one there’s this. Go ahead and watch the rest of HowellKenny’s videos, or at least watch the aforementioned band’s vids. You don’t have to watch Joe Perry covering Aerosmith, or The Cult covering The Cult.

Secondly, there’s the ingredients that make up Them Crooked Vultures. We have Joshua Homme from Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss on guitar and vocal duties, and we have Dave Grohl of Nirvana/Foo Fighters fame on the skins (a.k.a. the drums). This combination the world has seen before, though, on the QOTSA album Songs for the Deaf.

Still, there is one more piece to the puzzle that has me and several others salivating a tad more profusely than normal… John Paul fuckin’ Jones (Sorry for cursing, but it was appropriate.). John Paul Jones from frikkin’ LED ZEPPELIN is in the band playing bass (of course) and mandolin (I could see that. I’ve seen him do it before.) and doing background vocals (Sweet Jesus, it’s a trifecta!).

(Sorry for all the parentheses, but these were appropriate as well.) (Also, sorry for getting so link-happy. I'm a loose cannon, and I apologize.)

These are three musical legends who walk the earth merely to entertain we the little folk. I have no doubt these men have humbled and shaken hands with God herself, and there is no wrong they can do on this plane. Alright, I take that back. There is no wrong Grohl can do behind a drum set, but once he gets behind a mic with a guitar, his decisions are subject to questioning. This isn't important right now, though.

Let me say that I do enjoy drugs to “enhance the experience” as some folks might say, but I may have to take something to “take the edge off” of this monumental occurrence. That’s not entirely true. I’ll probably consume massive quantities of drogas—as the Spanish-speakers say—to cull whatever life-changing happening I’m looking for with this musical collective.

Seriously, though, music is a drug, and I plan on taking in whatever these pushers give me because if this isn't a "supergroup" I don't know what is.

All in all, all I’m saying is all should check out Them Crooked Vultures. All of what they offer is all-consuming of musical ideas, but I’ll shut up about them 1now. I just want all of you to check them out. That’s all.


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